Who we are …

So not an artist ...Who are we? Well, truthfully, it would be closer to who am I. My name is Andrew, and first, I am a Christian. Then, husband, father, worship leader, musician, teacher, electrical contractor, “ideas guy”, and finally, I am so not an artist!

I have been a Christian since July of ’73, a husband since June of ’90, a father since December of 98, a worship leader since ’83, a musician since ’82, a teacher since ’92, a contractor since ’06, an “ideas guy” since I can remember, and have never been an artist … my Dad is though …

My Dad the Artist

My Dad, the Ultimate Artist, painted this for me one day ...

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Same Page

Media Smart Solutions is a dealer for SamePage Digital Performance Stations, a networked system of digital music stands that incorporate personal digital monitor mixing, along with Web-based Event and Set List planning. Performance Stations are an integrated solution designed to replace floor wedges, filing cabinets, binders and paper sheet music. They can replace Personal Monitor Mixers from makers like Aviom and Roland, and small digital screens like the iPads. This system was designed by musicians to meet the needs of musicians – once you have used it, there is no turning back! Take a look at our solutions to common problems: we think you’ll love what you see!

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