SamePage Digital Performance Station

SamePage Digital Performance Station

SamePage Performance Stations provide an interactive touch-screen interface for each musician to display and manage customized, individual screen content, which allows the musician to use screen taps in order to operate SamePage. By touching the screen, the musician can advance music, add songs, annotate, and perform the functions of a standard mouse. All stations are linked together allowing the leader to keep the team on the SamePage.

Features include:

  • Spontaneous control of playlists
  • Update, change and add songs on-the-fly
  • Seamless communication
  • Band members, leaders, tech team stay in sync
  • Instant transposition, annotation and messaging
  • Display unique content for each musician
  • Automatically sync updates and changes
  • Personal Monitor Mixing (optional)
  • Preloaded Baptist Hymnal from LifeWay Worship (optional)