SamePage Digital Performance Station – PLAY

Remember when you started to take music lessons? (If you didn’t, just skip this paragraph) Your teacher sold you a book with music in it, and each week you practiced a song until you mastered it, and then you moved on to another song. Remember, by the time you played for a few years, you had books of sheet music stored in the piano bench, or on a bookshelf somewhere? And then you started playing in a band, and you had to memorize their entire repertoire? Or carry this huge pile of sheet music? So you memorized their setlist, and then they pulled out an “oldie” and you were flipping through your binder, frantically trying to find the obscure song? And then you changed bands, and had to start all over again?

No more. Upload your music once to your library online (where it gets backed up multiple times a day). Sync your stations. Done. Your entire library is now local. Start typing the title, and the database starts to narrow the search – you can also filter by theme and key – often, you can se your song in three keystrokes – double tap, and boom, there is your song. On everyone’s screen. Instantly.

Display your mixer, and you music ...
Try that with your binder. And better still, you don’t have to worry about your pages blowing away, or it being too dark to see the music … you do need power, though, in most cases, if you have no power, you have no musical instrument either …

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